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A Day on the Trail
When I first began hiking the mountains of Virginia I fell in love with the Appalachian Trail and all of its hidden wonders. And, although I realized that my life's responsibilities would keep me from ever hiking its entirety, I determined that I would at least hike "The Trail" through my state. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy's trail log shows 550.5 miles between the Tennessee and Maryland borders. With the help of my hiking partner, Aurora, I am 120.8 miles from completing that distance twice. From 4 miles south of Damascus, Virginia to the Potomac River at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, and back again!
I am currently compiling a book, "A Day on the Virginia Appalachian Trail", documenting my adventure on the AT with both photography and descriptions of the things I've seen and how they've changed my life.
Check here for excerpts and updates on the book and how to purchase the "Visions" photography.

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