Why is marijuana illegal?

Gridley, CA, hemp fieldMost people already have a fixed opinion on marijuana and its use. Their opinion is based either on their own use of this drug or on information they have heard in school, on the news, or read in newspapers or magazines.

Most people, however, could not give an accurate answer to the question, Why is marijuana illegal?

Some would say that marijuana is a deadly drug. Yet anyone can stand on the steps of his or her local church or city hall, in public, and smoke tobacco--one of the most addictive and the most deadly substance known to man.

Some might say that marijuana is a mind-altering drug. Yet there are commercials on television glamorizing alcohol--a drug so powerful it can render an adult incapable of walking, talking and controlling his or her bodily functions. A person can literally, and legally, drink himself to death in a matter of hours.

So then, why is marijuana illegal?

The cultivation and use of marijuana has been documented for more than 10,000 years, and only since 1937--less than a century ago--has marijuana been prohibited.

Few people realize that the government-given reasons for marijuana’s being illegal in the United States have changed repeatedly since its prohibition in 1937.

And marijuana, the collective name given to the leaves and flowering buds of the cannabis hemp plant, is in a class of drugs all by itself.

According to the CIA’s World Facts List 1993 entry illicit drugs, there are five categories of illicit drugs: narcotics, stimulants, depressants (sedatives), hallucinogens, and cannabis. The cannabis entry states, "Cannabis is the common hemp plant, and includes Marijuana, THC/Marinol®, Hashish and Hashish Oil."

I have compiled the facts presented here through my own personal experiences and my research into this subject.

One of my family members was aided by prescribed smoked marijuana and learned through her physician how marijuana prevents malnutrition--the prime cause of death among cancer victims.

Others of my family members have died from using alcohol and tobacco, government-sanctioned poisons.

I have seen a close friend, who grew marijuana for his own use, sentenced to seven years in a state prison through the gritted teeth of a judge who gave another man six months on a city farm for the rape of a nine-year-old girl.

I have read the most respected encyclopedias, history books, journals, periodicals and newspapers nationwide. I have requested and been given information from our state police, health organizations and the federal government (including the National Institute on Drug Abuse).

I have watched the local, public, national, business and world news programs, and I have read the many writings of judges, physicians, politicians, law-enforcement officials, historians, theologians and men of science.

I have also gathered a collection of films and videos, from the silent-film era until today, both for and against cannabis use.

All of the information provided within this website is available in the public domain and can be found to be factual.

I only ask that you read this little-known information, and then judge for yourself.

Maybe after you know the facts, you might ask the question: Why is marijuana illegal?!

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